dubucl's Journal

Luis Dubuc
28 January 1989
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1/14, 2/19, 50 shades of grey, abusing my girlfriend, all nighters, anniversaries, avril lavigne, baby animals, baby ducks, babygirl, beating people up, beats by dre, being a conformist, being a jealous boyfriend, being an asshole, being handsome as fuck, being in luv, being rude, being tumblr famous, best coast, blue roots, brown rice baby, bye., car sex after work, cassadee, cheesy fucks, cheesy pasta, chickfila, cold weather, columbine killers, crying at baby animals, dead island, demon babies, dexter, dexter and deb fucking, dexter the dog, dicky, drawing each other pictures, drawsomething, drooling in my sleep, duh, dumb bitch conventions, falling asleep during twilight, flockdraw, fraps with whipcream, fu, fuck you sierra, fucky time, gagging at periods, gay emoticon faces o.o, goodbye mr dubuc, gross tumblr photos, hammer time, hating all of you, hating ryan gosling, hehe, hello, hotels, ily2, incest, italics, jews, keysmashing, kissing in bed, kristen stewart, lana del rey, lanadelrey and bestcoast love, left4dead2, lifetime movies, lists, making fun of sierra, making retardnoises in public, making sierra cut, making sierra's aim freeze, making sierra's phone freeze, max and ruby, merp, motherfucker, my buff arms, my cool headphones, naps 4ever, nbp, new york, not watching the notebook, oh shut up, oh., ok, okay bimbo blondes, olive you, our future, our music taste, pair, peen in the air, playing sims, plug.dj, pretending im christian grey, punching perverted men, raping sierra, red room of pain, reeses the kitty, revise mothafuckas, rip rita morgan, rubbing against your sex, saying cheesythings before bed, school shootings, secret kisses at work, seen it, serial killers, sex 24/7, sexting, sick fuck, sierra kusterbeck, skk and lad, sleeping beauty syndrome, slurpees, slurpees on sundays, spanking, spic, spotify playlists, spying on sierra, stripper girlfriends, summertime sadness, surprise mothafuckas, sweet wet cunt, teamviewer with sierra, teasing philip, teasing sierra, texting sierra 24/7, the 14th, the world ending, thinking im hot, tons of pets, tru luv 4ever, tumblr king, typing with random capitals, typingoutcheesythingslikethis, watching rapescenes with sierra, wearing scary masks, weird movies, well, winky, woot me!!!, working out, wow, xbox live, xbox with sierra, yes???, you wanna?, zombies, ~*~*~*~*~